Dr. Weiss welcomes invitations to speak about negotiation and other topics. He has addressed a variety of groups, within the university and beyond it, in a wide range of venues. They include public lectures, luncheon/dinner speeches, conferences, and seminars. For more information, explore the tabs below.

{tab=Topics}Possible topics for speeches and presentations include aspects of the following subjects:

  • international negotiation (business, government)
  • negotiation fundamentals
  • cross-cultural communication
  • strategic alliances in the auto industry
  • managing across cultures
  • living and working as an expatriate

{tab=Audiences}Previous and potential audiences include:

  • business executives and managers
  • government officials
  • associations
  • company employees
  • student and alumni groups
  • not-for-profit organizations

Country locations of previous presentations (excluding conference participation):
Argentina, Brazil, Canada, USA
China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea
Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland
{tab=Previous Talks}

Title Audience Download
Lessons about Negotiation from Toronto Zoo’s Experience with China Alumni of French Business Schools (AAGEF), 2015
From Int’l Affairs to Int’l Business: A Lafayette Grad’s Career Path and the Role of Negotiation Lafayette College, 2015
Understanding Negotiation Hun School of Princeton, 2015 View Website
What Negotiators Don’t Do (But Should): Observations from 30 Years of Teaching BI Norwegian Business School Alumni, 2015
Schulich Alumni Pandamonium Event at Toronto Zoo Schulich Alumni – Toronto, 2013
“Making Sense of Negotiation: A Framework for Case Studies” Bader International Study Centre, Sussex, England, 2012
“Working with Powerful Counterparts: A Big Challenge for Negotiators” Schulich IMBA Connections Leadership Conference, 2012
“International Business Negotiations Research: A Western View” China Association for International Business Negotiation, 2009
“More than One Dimension to a Relationship: Adjusting Your Perspective and Approach” Assoc. of Fundraising Professionals-Cdn. Assoc. of Gift Planners, 2008 View slides
“Future of Business Negotiations: State of the Field in 2007 and 2025” International University of Geneva, 2007 View brochure
“Teaching Complex Skill Sets in Negotiation: Mega-Simulations” Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, 2007

{tab=Video Samples}

Title Audience Download
Planning for International Negotiations: A Systematic Approach with Asia-North America Illustrations Pacific Forum, Simon Fraser University, 2006 View video


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