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Negotiating the Renault-Nissan Alliance: Insights from Renault’s Experience Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making, ed. M. Benoliel. 2nd ed. World Scientific Pub., 2015 View chapter
Research Briefing for Practitioners: Negotiating Effectively Psychology Progress, 2013 View paper
Negotiators’ Effectiveness with Mixed Agendas: An Empirical Exploration of Tasks, Decisions, and Performance Criteria Group Decision and Negotiation, 2010 & 2012 View link

Current Projects

Papers are in development on the following topics:

  1. analyzing negotiation experiences
  2. effective strategies for cross-cultural negotiation
  3. comparative case studies in international business negotiation

Previous Work

The selected works below are categorized as follows: international negotiation, cultural factors, and negotiation (general). The annotation (click here) offers access to the full work (pdf) or a host website.


“International Business Negotiation in a Globalizing World: Reflections on the Contributions and Future of a (Sub) Field” International Negotiation, 2006 (Click Here)

“Perspective d’analyse en négociation : Le cas de l’alliance Renault-Nissan” (with C. Marjollet & C. Bouquet), La revue française de gestion,2004, 30(153). (Click Here)

“International Business Negotiations Research: Revisiting ‘Bricks, Mortar and Prospects” in Handbook of International Management Research.  2nd ed.  Eds. B.J. Punnett & O. Shenkar.  Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2004.

“Analytical Perspective from International Business Negotiations” in Professional Cultures in International Negotiation: Bridge or Rift? Ed. G. Sjostedt.  Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2003.

“Explaining Outcomes of Negotiation: Toward a Grounded Model for Negotiations between Organizations” in Research on Negotiation in Organizations.  Eds. R.J. Lewicki, R.J. Bies & B.H. Sheppard.  Greenwich, CN: JAI Press, 1997. (Click Here)

“Analysis of Complex Negotiations in International Business: The RBC Framework” Organization Science, 1993, 4(2). (Click Here)

“The Long Path to the IBM-Mexico Agreement: An Analysis of the Microcomputer Investment Negotiations, 1983-86” Journal of International Business Studies, 1990, 21(4). (Click Here)

“Creating the GM-Toyota Joint Venture: A Case in Complex Negotiation,” Columbia Journal of World Business, 1987, 22(2).

“Japan: The Changing Logic of a Former Minor Power” (with N.B. Thayer) in National Negotiating Styles.  Ed. Hans Binnendijk.  Washington, DC: U.S. Department of State (USGPO), 1987.  pp. 45-74.


“Teaching the Cultural Aspects of Negotiation: A Range of Experiential Techniques,” Journal of Management Education, 2003, 27(1). (Click Here)

“Opening a Dialogue on Negotiation and Culture: A ‘Believer’ Considers Skeptics’ Views,” in Negotiation Eclectic: Essays in Memory of Jeffrey Z. Rubin.  Ed. D. M. Kolb.  Cambridge, MA: PON Books (Program on Negotiation at Harvard), 1999. (Click Here)

“Negotiating with Foreign Business Persons: An Introduction for Americans with Propositions on Six Cultures,” (with W. Stripp) in The Cultural Context in Business Communication. Eds. S. Niemeier, C.P. Campbell & R. Dirven.  Amsterdam: John Benjamins Pub. Co, 1998. (Click Here)

“Negotiating with ‘Romans’–Part I,” Sloan Management Review, 1994, 35(2). (Click Here)

“Negotiating with ‘Romans’–Part II,” Sloan Management Review,1994, 35(3). (Click Here)


“Mega-simulations in Negotiation Teaching: Extraordinary Investments with Extraordinary Benefits,” Negotiation Journal, 2008 (Click Here)

“Models of Conflict, Negotiation, and Third Party Intervention: A Review and Synthesis,” (with R. Lewicki & D. Lewin), Journal of Organizational Behavior, 1992, 13(3). (Click Here)

“Enhancing Negotiators’ Successfulness: Self-Help Books and Related Empirical Research,” Journal of Conflict Resolution, 1983, 27(4):706-739. (Click Here)

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